Glass pictures, encased in the bodies of old clocks

This is a collection of former clocks from all over the world. I turned each one of them into a work of art: I used the bodies of the clocks as frames, in which I captured small glass narratives.
I used a technique called fusing; it consists of partially or fully melting various pieces of glass in a special kiln.
I hand-painted the miniature drawings on the decorative glass using liquid gold and platinum.
Finishing each painting took me between 2 and 5 firings, depending on the additional elements and various decoration techniques: bubbles, reliefs, metal details between layers of glass, etc.
I created each painting specifically for the body of the particular clock, in consonance with its color scheme and shape. That makes every item exceptional and unique.

I presented the full collection as the art installation "Pieces of Life Captured in Time" in Luxembourg in May 2014, where I was invited by the Bulgarian Cultural Club "Gaida".